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Guyana Gold/Diamond Mining Lawyer! scroll down for areas of practice

Guyana Mining law – Gold, Diamond and other Minerals - Ms. Jamela A. Ali, Senior Counsel, Attorney at Law and a former Member of the Guyana Gold Board.

Jamela A. Ali Law Office provides legal advice and representation to individuals, Guyana and international companies involved in prospecting and mining gold, diamond, uranium, manganese and other minerals. Agreements relating to the mining industry can also be prepared.

The Guyana Mining Laws are governed by the Mining Act Cap. 65:01 of The Laws of Guyana Revised Edition LRO 2012, purple Volume 12, formerly the Mining Act No. 20 of 1989. The Mining Regulations made under the old Mining Act, Chapter 65:01 in the green volume are still in force.

The Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC) is in charge of gold mining and may issue 4 types of licences, permits or permissions:

1. Large Scale - Prospecting and Mining Licences. Local companies made up of foreigners can be issued with these licences.

2. Medium Scale - Prospecting or Mining permits. These permits are not usually more than 1200 acres. A foreigner cannot hold a Mining or Prospecting Permit. (section 57 (2))

3. Small Scale - Claims licences for mining can only be issued to Guyanese.

4. Reconnaissance  Permissions for Aerial Geological and Geophysical Surveys. Foreign companies may apply. 

There is no restriction in the Guyana Mining Laws prohibiting foreign persons or companies from entering into Joint Venture Agreements with local medium and small scale claim holders for the development of Mining and Prospecting properties. The GGMC has recognised such arrangements.   


Ms Jamela A Ali, SC LLM is a Lead Trial Attorney with over 31 years experience and appears in the Guyana Courts and at the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ). She successfully defended the first mining case at the CCJ, Wayne Vieira and Guyana Geology and Mines Commission, having also won the cases at the High Court and Court of Appeal in Guyana.

Legal services include Oil & Gas, Mining Law & Agreements, Conveyancing, Property matters, Trademarks, Adoption of Children, Divorces, Probates of Wills and Administration, Money Claims, Formation of Companies, Mediation, and Real Estate. Jamela is the founder of GOGCO.

Ms Jamela A Ali made special studies in Legislative Drafting, obtained a Masters of Law degree from UWI, Barbados, which included the Public Law courses of Constitutional and Administrative Law and wrote a Research Paper on Legislative Drafting, Parliamentary Counsel, Statute Law Revision, Consolidation of Laws, Law Reform, Constitution, Natural Justice, and Good Administration.

Ms Jamela A. Ali is also an Intellectual Property Agent, a Notary Public, and a Trained Certified Mediator.

For further information, here are the contact details:

Contact person: Jamela A. Ali, Senior Counsel, LLM (Legislative Drafting), LLB (Hons)(UWI), MCIArb.

Office Address: 78 Hadfield and Breda Streets, Werk en Rust, Georgetown, Guyana (br), South America

Telephone: +592 225 4712

Whats app message: +592 696 2435

Emails:                 jamelalawyer11@yahoo.com


Website:               www.GuyaneseLawyer.com








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